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Name:I want to meet you.
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This is a community for the relationship between Cloud and Aerith, platonic or romantic.

Ⓟlease use a cut for images larger than 200x200 and excessively long text posts. No more than three icons for preview.
Ⓐppropriately label any explicit or questionable content.
Ⓟroperly tag all posts. To avoid the use of multiple/double/triple/etc tags, do not attempt to create a new tag if an existing tag already exists.
Ⓚeep posts relevant to materials related to the characters.
Ⓦe are here to enjoy Cloud and Aerith's relationship, not to bash other pairings.
Ⓓo not spam the community.
Ⓔach member may post once a day to avoid flooding reading lists.
Ⓐdvertisements can only be made in a comment on the entry for ads.
Ⓠuestions must be directed to the entry for Q&A to avoid cluttering the community. This should prevent the same question being asked twice as well as act as stand-in FAQ for simpler queries.
Ⓕanworks are allowed as long as the content contains official work or your own works. Unless you've gotten express permission from the creator of any works, you may not post it on the community, either in an entry or via link.*
Ⓢharing is allowed so long as posts are locked.*
(*If linking icons/graphics that contain images outside of official works, please lock the entry. We don't want to get in trouble, right? )
Ⓝo intros unless you've got content to supplement your post.
Ⓦe're open to any suggestions members have to improve or implement to the community! Feel free to contact the moderator(s).

( optional ) • art + fic

Ⓘf unsure whether you can post something or not, contact the moderator(s) before posting or you will receive a warning. The last thing anyone wants to see is a "delete this if not allowed" on your post if it's perfectly acceptable material.

graphics ©

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aeris, aerith, aerith gainsborough, ancients, avalanche, cetra, cloud, cloud strife, cloud/aerith, cloudxaerith, cloudy wolf, fenrir, ff7, ffvii, final fantasy 7, final fantasy vii, flower girl, icicle inn, ifalna, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts 2, lifestream, maaya sakamoto, midgar, nibelheim, professor gast, soldier, takahiro sakurai, エアリス, エアリス ゲインズブール, クラウド, クラウド ストライフ, ファイナルファンタジーvii
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